MFC Management Committee:


The President is the principle leader of Mongo Football Club and has overall responsibility for Mongo Football Club’s administration. The President sets the overall annual board agenda (consistent with the views of members), helps the board prioritise its goals and then keeps the board on track by working within that overall framework. At the operational level, the major function of the President is to facilitate effective board meetings.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for operation efficiency of Mongo Football Club. Key to the role is that ability to find and engage members to fill key roles within the club that impact upon the operation activities.

In addition the Vice President provides support to the President and fulfills these duties during periods of absence or unavailability.


The Secretary is the chief administration officer of Mongo Football Club. This position is responsible for providing a coordinating link between members, the board and outside agencies.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of Mongo Football Club.

Legal Coordinator:

The Legal Coordinator is responsible for the legal management of Mongo Football Club.


The Registrar is responsible for the clubs liaison with NSFA and management of member records.Meeting all registration and de-registration requirements and management and submission of team registrations.The purchasing and distribution of uniforms, club garments and promotional material as well as the effective distribution to club members.

Technical Director & SSF Coordinator

The technical Director is responsible for the development of a coordinated coaching structure across the club, standards and expectations.All coaches are to be provided guidance and support in ensuring that the development and standards around their team operations are in keeping with club standards and expectations.

Council & Club Relationships Coordinator

The role is responsible for the successful relationship with Council and other clubs within the football community.

Sponsorship, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

This role is responsible for the coordination of Marketing and promotions activities across the club. In addition the development and implementation of an effective sponsorship program.

Fundraising Committee Coordinator

The Fundraising Committee headed by the Coordinator will be responsible for developing an annual calendar of fundraising activities for the club. These activities should involve players, parents and officials. A social calendar will need to be developed and publicized early in the season and groups called on from within the club to coordinate and manage these events. Organise MFC Awards Nights at the end of the Season.

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