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"Cyrille, just wanted to recommend your programme to any parents or players considering a serious football career. Having been around representative football for a long time, and being a qualified FFA senior coach, I know your programme makes a difference. It is certainly different to the many other academy style programmes around" Robertino fortuitously participated in your programme from a young age, and his technical development, and career and personal development under you, have been important factors in his current success in Spain. It is a huge advantage to have a former top level international, who has experienced all of the various playing and coaching conditions around the world (particularly Europe) and has important football contacts around the world, guiding the young careers of committed players in this country. Look forward to following the progress of many of your current elite players, many of whom also trained with Robertino."



"Our Son Joshua has from a very early age had a passion for soccer. He was extremely lucky to have begun training with Cyrille when he was eight years old. Cyrille's training has developed his fitness, skills, and tactics and given him a real vision of the game. Cyrille has taught him to be versatile and most importantly a team player. As his abilities improved with Cyrille so did his achievements. His club team made it to the Champions of champions. He then went on to play representative soccer, playing for the Northern Tigers in both Under 13's and Under 14's. He also made it to the NSW State Championships in 2007 and 2008. Now aged 14 he is in Spain playing for Cornella in Barcelona. All of this has been made possible by Cyrille who has given him the support, encouragement, abilities and opportunities. Our Son is living his dream and in the process becoming an independent, communicative and self confident young man. We will never be able to thank Cyrille enough for the gift he has given us."


"Dear Cyrille, the website is a great idea as we can follow the boys progress. Johny is now playing for Hamburg  U17 team and we can not be greatfull enough for all the skills he learned with you. Head Up!  Thank you again."

"Thank you Cyrille for developing Michael's soccer technical and team skills. Since returning home, Michael has dominated the opposition at the next age level. He has scored over 50% of his team's goals and as assisted on 40% of the others. More importantly, he understands through his Globo training what it means to be a good teammate, how to back each other up, encourage others, and play unselfishly. His Globo training has made him a leader amongst his peers and the skills developed go well beyond soccer. Thank you for your the blessing of your time and talent! We certainly miss Oz. Cheers!"

I would like to let you all know that since Lawrence has been part of the Mongo Family, his school work has improved, his behaviour has improved and he seems to be a far more confident and centered child than he ever was before.  

The programme doesnt only offer training, but values and discipline which has transcended throughout his entire life and not just in his football.  For this I cannot praise the program and AMAZING Coaches enough.

Thank you

Jo Frederick


"Cyrille, thank you for helping James during our time in Australia. You really made a big difference to his game. Here in England he is playing for Manchester City u12 and is leading scorer of his team." 


"Since been looked at by Cyrille and WFX for the last twelve months have given my Son Christopher an opportunity to play overseas to develop his football, learn a new language and see a new culture. Christopher has been given a serious opportunity to fulfil his dreams and a pathway to be able to display his football talents and make a serious challenge to becoming a professional. Cyrille has worked with Chris over the last year and prepared him to meet the challenges in playing in Spain. We are fortunate to be associate with WFX as they understand what it takes to become a complete player. The hard work that my son has put in the last 14 years has been channelled in the right direction finally. I say this from a parent who has seen the highs and lows and Im very glad to have Cyrille guiding my son for the years to come."
Hi Cyrille,

Just wanted to give you some feedback!
Mick and I are just so impressed with the growth we are seeing in Sean. 
Since the beginning of the year he has grown in confidence. Not only in sport but in school and with his peers.
Sean is so happy with Mongo. 
I have to say a big thank you to you and the coaches.